Crooked River Leather

The most important element in determining the quality of custom leather work is the experience and artistry of the designer. Crooked River Leather employs three of the most experienced and talented leather artisans in the Cleveland Area. Each of our artisans has ample experience in professional leather making. While each person tends to specialize in a phase of creation.



Red River Dan - CEO / Stamping Design Specialist

Evident by the terrific following he has built. Over 40 years experience in Law Enforcement. Participates in Cowboy Shoots, Member Number 4609 of SASS (Single Action Shooting Society), FOP (Fraternal Order of Police) and South Cuyahoga Sportsman Association. Dan has been creating leather goods for over 17 years and knows your specific needs for leather holsters are much the same as his own and has field tested each design.


Sandra - Customer Service

Sandra has been in customer service for almost 21 years. She has assisted in the creation of leather goods her entire life and she has a sincere and earnest affection for design, which is communicated in all her actions. She enjoys serving the clientele and is always ready to help with production when things get busy.


Paul - Custom Artwork Specialist

Paul is our Custom Artwork Specialist. For over 15 years, he has established and maintained a practice centered on all types of custom artwork. Popular design elements include Names, Nicknames, Logos, and more.

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