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Reducing Blood Lead Levels and Lead Contamination since 1979

Since February 1, 1979, ESCA Tech, Inc. has been providing innovative products and services to assist lead processors and other lead users to reduce blood lead levels and the risk of lead poisoning. From battery manufacturing to radiation shielding to paint dust and firing range clean up, ESCA Tech has the solutions and technology to help you eliminate the hazards of working with lead.

D-Lead® can help reduce the possibility of lead poisoning. Lead present on the skin, clothing, work, hobby or craft tables and equipment can be a significant source of lead exposure. Exposure to lead dust occurs by hand-to-mouth, hand-to-food, hand-to-cosmetic and hand-to-cigarette transfers.

Lead exposure can originate from the many worthwhile uses of lead in our society. These sources include: lead in radiation shielding, lead in ammunition, lead primers in bullets, lead in firing ranges, lead in stained glass work, lead in batteries, lead in fishing tackle and lead in paint.

To safeguard you, your family and your children from lead poisoning, use D-Lead® to remove lead from the skin, hair, clothing, tools, work areas, carpets and all surfaces.

The effects of lead poisoning can be devastating to your memory, kidneys, circulatory system, lifestyle and reproductive system. Lead is particularly debilitating to the normal development of children and fetuses. Treatment of lead poisoning can be painful, costly and time consuming. For additional information on lead poisoning prevention, we invite you to review our website.

Lead and Heavy Metal Contamination Control Since 1979
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